Monday, May 16, 2022

aMember 4.x Dashboard

Building your site

Installing aMember 4.x (free)
Basic Configuration Setup (premium)
Basic Product Configuration (premium)


Creating Signup Forms (premium)
Signup Templates (premium)
Custom Basic Templates (premium)
Customizing the Description Area of Signup Pages (premium)

Customization of Text

Customizing the Language File (premium)
Update- Not recommended: use the messaging editor within the amember admin area instead.

Managing Content

Folders, Files and Links Protection (premium)
Incremental Content in aMember (premium)

Managing Members

Manually Adding Members (premium)
Facebook Connect Integration (premium)

Increasing Sales

Setting Up Coupons (premium)
One Time Offer Plugin (premium)
Display Bonus Items in WP Sidebar (premium)

Affiliate System

Basic Affiliate System Setup (premium)
Setting Super Affiliate Commission Levels (premium)
Paying your Affiliates and JVs (premium)

WordPress Integration

WordPress Basic Integration Includes turning on wordpress templates for amember (premium)
Teaser Text in WordPress with Shortcodes (premium)
Incremental Content in WordPress (premium)

Joomla Integration

Joomla Integration (premium)

PHPBB Integration

PHPBB3 Integration (premium)

Email Systems

Full aWeber Integraton (premium)
aWeber in front for single opt-ins (premium)

Payment Systems

Paypal (premium)

Advanced Techniques

Timed Offers (premium)