Thursday, August 22, 2019

Using the aMember 4.x Avatar Plugin


The Avatar plugin allows your members to upload a photo or image during the signup process, or on the aMember profile page. This video shows you how to use the free plugin provided by aMember. Running Time: 5:58

Using the Member Notifications Plugin for aMember v4.x


The paid plugin by aMember will allow you to show special notifications to members with specific products on specific dates. This can be used to promote your own internal offers, affiliate or JV offers, or for just giving them general notifications about your site. Running Time: 4:51

Create Compelling Hand Drawn Videos


Here’s how to use an excellent piece of software (with a 7 day free trial) to create compelling hand drawn style videos. Running Time: 21:33

Helpdesk Access for Specific Levels in aMember 4.x


Heres how set aMember (with a little coding in site.php) to allow only specific levels of membership access to send helpdesk tickets. This is useful if you are a consultant and only want to allow paying members to contact you via the aMember helpdesk system. Running Time: 5:10

Using the Shopping Cart Plugin in aMember v4.x


One of the new features of aMember v4.x is it’s built in shopping cart. This is great to use if you have a lot of products and want to allow customers to put them all into a basket before going to checkout. This video explains how to set up the shopping cart module in aMember […]

Sending Test and Standard Emails in aMember v4.x


Before sending an email to your list, you should test to make sure all your fields are correct. This video will show you how to set up a test email, and how to send a standard email to your members. Running Time: 5:35

Accept Bitcoins with the Bitpay Plugin for Amember Pro v4.x


Want to accept bitcoins for your products and services? aMember 4.x now has a Bitpay payment plugin which allows you to accept Bitcoins! (does not currently accept recurring payments) Running Time: 8:03

aMember Pro v4.x and Mailchimp Integration


aMember 4.2x has a built in Mailchimp plugin, allowing you to automatically add new members and signups to your Mailchimp lists. The plugin uses the mailchimp API which makes setting this up a snap. Running Time: 4:18

Sending Expire Emails to Trial Cancellations in aMember v4.x


In this video you’ll learn how to set up amember to send expiration emails to members who sign up for a trial with recurring payments, but cancel during the trial period. This way you can entice trial cancellations to continue with their membership, or buy other products/services. Running Time: 7:49

Adding User Tracking to Google Analytics in WordPress


Here’s how you can add a custom variable to your wordpress site that will allow you more detail on what your members are looking at. This will work for any membership system that uses wordpress including amember and wishlist. Running Time: 7:06

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