Monday, May 16, 2022

General FAQs

General FAQs

Q: I’m a member, but when I try to access content I still get the landing page.

A: Can you log into your members page
and logout. Then you should be able to login again at the frontpage or content area. Sometimes Joomla may log you out before aMember does, or if you have closed your browser and reopened it, your session may have been deleted by Joomla.


Q: What is Membership Academy?

A: Membership Academy is a subscription site offering how to set up a membership site. It is primarily focused on using aMember as the membership management script, and the CMS systems Joomla and WordPress.


Q: What is the difference between free and premium membership?

A: Free membership allows very basic access to limited contents, and the ability to post reviews.

Premium membership allows full access to all contents on the site including articles, videos and the forums.


Q: Do you sell a membership software product?

A: No, I don’t. 


Q: Do you have a membership site besides this one?

A: Yes, I have an education site in Japan teaching English to Japanese students, and a digital download product site in the U.S.


Q: How long have you been online?

A: I have personally been building websites since 1995. 


Q: Why did you build this site?

A: I decided that it would be cool if I could share my knowledge of membership sites with others. This would save them all the headaches I went through in building my membership sites. I also wanted a way to share my knowledge of marketing with those who were truly interested in bettering themselves.


Q:  What’s with this monthly money back guarantee?

A: If in the current month, you are not happy with the contents you have received, for any reason, you can cancel your account and request a refund. I will send you a refund for the months subscription fee to your paypal account. If you choose a yearly subscription, you have a full 30 days from the time you sign up to cancel and request a refund. For the monthly gurantee, if you cancel, and then wait a few weeks after your account has expired, you will not be issued a refund- this seems only fair. Please provide your username and paypal email with your request.


Q: If I cancel my account can I continue?

A: Yes, you can. There may be a slightly higher fee for the 1st month when you renew the membership, but it will be less than a new signup. 


Q: Can I change my paypal payment method?

A: After logging into paypal, stay under the Account tab, go to History,
Basic Search.  You will see a table with a list of transactions.  Click
on Details on the one for which you want to change payment info.  You
will see a screen come up with Transaction Details. At the top you will
see Subscription Payment Sent, and then a clickable link labeled “In
reference to” and then a long number.

Click on that number and you will be taken to a Subscription Details
screen.  You will see several boxes where you can choose or change your
payment option.


Q:  I already have a joomla or wordpress site, can I still use amember?

A: Yes, you will need to export your userlist and import them into aMember. However, since the passwords used in wordpress and joomla are encrypted, they will not be imported. New ones will need to be generated upon import, and you will have to inform users of these new passwords before they can again access your contents.


Q: I ordered an install package, but am not ready to have it installed yet. Can I wait?

A: Yes, you can wait up to 3 months to have the package installed or ask for a refund minus any monthly membership fees. If you received a free month as a bonus, the monthly fee for this period will also be subtracted from your refund. After 3 months you will not receive a refund.


Q: What hosting do you recommend for my aMember / Joomla / WordPress site?

A: I run several sites, and host them all at a "Virtual Private Server". I’ve been through several hosting companies over the years and have settled at ServInt.  If you don’t think you’ll need that level of server, several members have suggested HostGator for shared hosting. I have done several installs on HostGator sites without a problem.


Q: I received a charge for your service but never signed up!

A: Please double check with your bank or credit card company to  make sure you where charged by Membership Academy. I use paypal, so the charge should be a Paypal charge. There may be other sites with similar names who are charging you!!! If you are sure it’s Membership Academy, send all the info you can on the charge via the contact form. Recently there has been a lot of false refund requests from people who are not really members. 


Q: Can I allow my staff or 3rd party provider access to the content on the site?

A: You can allow your staff or business partners access. However, 3rd party providers, freelancers, outsourcers etc. need to have their own account.


Q: Can I download the videos?

A: Sorry, but the videos on the site are not allowed to be downloaded. Of course I can’t stop you from figuring out how to do it on your own, but don’t want it to become policy of the site to allow it.