Saturday, March 6, 2021

Custom Referral Page for Affiliates of aMember 4.x in WordPress


Here’s how you can create custom referral pages in wordpress, which will show the visitor customized information about the affiliate who referred them to the page. This allows you to show for example, the affiliates name in the sales letter. Running Time: 5:01

Create Compelling Hand Drawn Videos


Here’s how to use an excellent piece of software (with a 7 day free trial) to create compelling hand drawn style videos. Running Time: 21:33

Adding User Tracking to Google Analytics in WordPress


Here’s how you can add a custom variable to your wordpress site that will allow you more detail on what your members are looking at. This will work for any membership system that uses wordpress including amember and wishlist. Running Time: 7:06

Creating WordPress Front Pages for Logged In vs. Logged Out aMember Members


Here’s how you can create alternate front pages depending on the members level in amember. This is a great technique for creating a custom dashboard or giving new information to returning members. Running Time: 7:09

Creating WordPress Navigation for Logged In vs. Logged Out Members


Here’s how you can use a simple plugin to create a header navigation in wordpress, that varies depending on if the visitor is a logged in member, or visiting guest. Running Time: 4:26

Creating Custom Shortcodes in WordPress for aMember 4 Data


Would you like to add some aMember 4 member data to your WordPress post/pages/sidebars that aren’t currently available in the default aMember plugin shortcode? Here’s how to add the aMember member id as a shortcode in WordPress, so that you can display the member’s affiliate link in a custom affiliate page in WordPress. Running Time: […]

Google Analytics in aMember 4.x


If you aren’t tracking the stats on your membership site, you are leaving large sums on the table! This video shows how to add google analytics tracking to your amember 4.x site, set it up for ecommerce, and what to do if you are using a wordpress themed site. Running Time: 6:40

Of The Month Plugin for aMember 4.x WordPress Sites


A new release of the amember wordpress plugin now allows you to control ‘Of the Month’ access in wordpress. This will allow you to set content in wordpress to only be available to members in the month for which they paid. For example, November subscribers get the November issue, but if someone signs up in […]

Convert amprotect to am4show tags for aMember 4.x WordPress Sites


In this video you’ll learn how to convert your existing amprotect tags to the new am4show tags used in aMember 4.x-Wordpress integrations. This is used if you are upgrading your current amember system from 3.x to 4.x. The technique involves using a plugin to mass convert the amprotect tags to the new am4show standard. Running […]

Joomla integrated with aMember 4.x


Created by premium member jenrun, this video shows how she integrated and used Joomla and aMember 4.x. This allows you to create multiple levels of membership and content control in Joomla with subscription payments being taken by aMember. This integration requires the Joomla plugin from amember (JACL plugin is no longer needed) Running Time: 12:07

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