Thursday, September 28, 2023

Membership Site Launch Technical Checklist


Let’s face it- when launching your site, there’s a hundred moving pieces to make sure are working. There’s no way you can remember offhand all the things you need to check. Just like a pilot needs a checklist before takeoff, you should use a checklist before launching your site. Here’s a technical checklist to use […]

Membership Site Models: Walled Garden & Magazine Model


Two popular styles for membership sites are the “Walled Garden” and the “Magazine Model”. Read up on what they are and how they are commonly used.

How to Create Custom Signup Pages in aMember


This video guide explains how to create a custom signup page in aMember, so that you can feature a single product. Running Time: 6:50

Membership Site Tour


Watch the tour of my first membership site English Memory. The site is for the English language learning niche in Japan, and is in Japanese. However, the structural and marketing techniques I used in building the site are universal. Running Time: 13:29 

aMember Plugin Guide Video


Unsure what an aMember plugin is? Wondering how you can use 3rd party software such as a bulletin board on your membership site? Here’s a video presentation of what a plugin is, the different plugin categories, and how you can use them. Running Time: 13:54

Membership Software Comparison Chart


Here’s an overview of how Membergate, aMember, Wishlist, Memberstar and EasyMemberPro compare to each other.

Membership Site Designer Quickstart Video and PDF


Still not sure about what membership software you need? This video will help you make the right choice. Running Time: 7:35

Membership Site Mindmap Video and PDF


Here’s a mindmap that will help guide you in designing your membership site. Running Time: 10:33

Basic Membership Site Benchmarks


Find out the conversion, and renewal rates of a typical membership site.

Pricing Strategies


Not sure about what to price your site at? What if you had an easy to use formula? Discover how to properly price your membership site to maximize profits. 

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