Saturday, June 25, 2022

Adding User Tracking to Google Analytics in WordPress


Here’s how you can add a custom variable to your wordpress site that will allow you more detail on what your members are looking at. This will work for any membership system that uses wordpress including amember and wishlist. Running Time: 7:06

Customizing your Clickbank payment screen


Here’s how to customize the Clickbank payment screen to better fit the design of your site. This will reduce shopping cart abandonment, and increase your conversions. Running Time: 8:56

How to Update Wishlist Member the Right Way


Here’s how to properly upgrade/update Wishlist member. This is to prevent loss of your settings during the update process and also protect your content from access while updating. Running Time: 6:27

Cancelling Recurring Memberships in 1ShoppingCart


Here’s how to cancel recurring memberships if you are using 1ShoppingCart as your payment method. This video was requested by premium member drbrad. Running Time: 3:51

Customizing your Paypal payment screen


You can easily reduce your shopping cart abandonment and increase your conversions by making the Paypal payment screen match your site design more closely. Included in this video is how to setup the paypal customized payment area, and the code to use in Wishlist Member and aMember to call this custom screen. Running Time: 9:58

Displaying different header content in WordPress depending on the Wishlist Member level


This video shows you how to change the wordpress header content depending on the members Wishlist Member level. It’s a very cool way to make the site more appealing to your higher level members. Running Time: 4:53

Using Wishlist Member with Coaching Clients and Groups


Here’s how to use Wishlist Member for your coaching clients and groups. This will allow you to show content only to specific members or groups of members. Running Time: 7:43

Creating Sales Pages using WordPress


Here’s how to create sales page using WordPress. Included are templates that you can use in WordPress which will give you a full width area. I also show you how to customize a page template to get rid of all navigation, sidebars and footer areas. This will allow you to create sales, squeeze and other […]

Creating an Upgrade Page for Wishlish Member


Here’s how to create an upgrade page for Wishlist member. The video explains how to display upgrade buy buttons only for members of a specific level. This is essential for moving your members up the ladder of membership. Running Time: 4:57

Add Free and Premium Icons Next to WordPress Titles


Add some graphical imagery to your wordpress membership site. Here’s how to add free/premium/gold etc. icons next to your title area in wordpress so that browsers can clearly distinguish free and premium content. Running Time: 8:38

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