Saturday, June 25, 2022

Integrating Paypal with aMember 4.x

Here’s the video guide on how to set up PayPal standard to handle your payments for your aMember 4.x membership site.

Using the aMember v4 Join Venture (JV) Plugin


The aMember 4.x JV plugin allows you to share revenue with a product creator or content co-creator. This is a paid plugin sold at the aMember site, but premium members of Membership Academy enjoy a $10 discount. Running Time: 3:42

Custom Referral Page for Affiliates of aMember 4.x in WordPress


Here’s how you can create custom referral pages in wordpress, which will show the visitor customized information about the affiliate who referred them to the page. This allows you to show for example, the affiliates name in the sales letter. Running Time: 5:01

Using the aMember 4.x Self Service Module for Credits


The aMember paid module ‘Self Service’ allows you to give credits with the purchase of products, that you can then use to order other products. For example, buy product A, 1 credit, buy product B, 1 credit, then use the 2 credits to purchase product C. Running Time: 4:40

Creating Tabs on the aMember v4.3.6+ Members Page


aMember 4.3.6 and above has an simpler way to add tabs to the members area. Its all done now in the protect content area- check out how to do this. Running Time: 2:19

Simple Template Hack to Hide the Invoice Area in aMember v4.x


This is a very simple hack that will allow you to hide the active invoice area in the paymentshistory section of aMember 4.x. It uses 2 lines of code on an amember template page, so it’s a good way to learn a basic hack. Running Time: 3:36

Creating Custom Pages Using the aMember v4.x GUI System


aMember 4.x includes a page creation system- this allows you to create custom pages and content right within the amember system. You do not need to use a CMS like wordpress, or you can use it in addition to wordpress. Here’s how to use it. Running Time: 6:42

Storing aMember 4.x Passwords in Plain Text


This video shows you how store aMember 4.x passwords in a plain text field. This will allow you to send the users password in email etc. It’s a big security concern but some site owners want it. Running Time: 4:27

Using the aMember 4.x Donation Plugin for Variable Pricing


This video shows you how use the paid plugin ‘Donation’ for aMember 4.x. This plugin will allow members to decide on what price they want to pay for a content item, or give variable donations. Running Time: 5:11

Tabs on the aMember v4 Members Page Based on Membership Type


This video requested by premium member tokozama, explains how to edit the site.php file in amember v4 to allow you to have custom tabs on the members page. These tabs are shown or hidden depending on the users product access. Running Time: 3:15

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