Saturday, June 25, 2022

Joomla integrated with aMember 4.x


Created by premium member jenrun, this video shows how she integrated and used Joomla and aMember 4.x. This allows you to create multiple levels of membership and content control in Joomla with subscription payments being taken by aMember. This integration requires the Joomla plugin from amember (JACL plugin is no longer needed) Running Time: 12:07

aMember Basic Template Customization Video


This video guide explains how to customize the aMember template. Included is how to add a graphic to the header area, as well as editing the signup, login and footer templates. Running Time: 25:17

Placing Camtasia Videos in Joomla Content


Want to learn how you can add your Camtasia videos to your Joomla CMS site? This short video and guide will show you how to do it. Running Time: 6:32

Joomla aMember Integration Members Guide


This is a video guide for members who purchased the Joomla aMember integration package. Running Time: 10:27

Joomla and aMember Multiple Levels of Membership Using a Free Component


Are you looking for a simple way to create multiple levels of membership/protection for your content in Joomla and use aMember to manage the payments? It can be done, and with a FREE Joomla component. Here’s the video and guide that will show you how! Running Time: 11:02 *For the most recent version of Joomla, […]

How to integrate Joomla and aMember to Create a Joomla Membership Site


Watch the step-by-step guide for how to integrate Joomla and aMember to create a paid Joomla membership site. Running Time: 5:45