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Creating an Upgrade Link for aMember

Do you have a ladder of ascension in your membership site? Want to show content to Gold Members, but provide an upgrade link for a Free or Basic Member, and a regular signup link for non-members? Here’s how to do it in a regular php page and wordpress site, it’s as simple as copy and […]

Incremental Content in WordPress using the amProtect Plugin and aMember

If you want to use incremental content in your wordpress managed amember site, the amprotect plugin makes it a snap. This videos shows you how to do it using wordpress, amprotect, amember and the amember incremental content plugin. Running Time: 16:29

WordPress Sidebar Widget to Show Content to Members Only

Do you want to display different links, buttons or content in your wordpress sidebar to logged in members. This widget, requested by premium member biznetpro will allow you to do just that. The plugin uses the wordpress system to check if a person is a member, so it will work with any membership system including […]

Adding Payment Buttons to the Members Page in aMember

This video guide explains how to add custom payment buttons to the aMember members page. Running Time: 5:07

WordPress aMember Integration with amProtect Service Members Guide

This is a video guide for members who purchased the WordPress aMember integration package, using the amProtect plugin. Running Time: 8:36

Cloning the aMember WordPress Plugin for a 2nd Blog Integration

If you would like to have more than one installation of wordpress on your membership site, but still allow amember to control access, then you need to clone the amember wordpress plugin. Some members use this method to provide teaser content with one blog, and a walled garden with a second. Here’s how to clone […]

Expert Interview: Kevin E. Houchin, Esq. on Copywriting and Trademarks for your Site

January 25, 2010 by  
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In this interview with Kevin E. Houchin, Esq. we cover: * the difference between a copyright and trademark * why you need to copyright, and trademark your content * how to trademark and copyright your content * what to do if someone copies your site or products New FTC Guidelines: * how to properly use […]

Creating a Custom Language File in aMember

In your aMember site there are probably expressions that you’d like to customize. Most of these expressions are from a language file, but you don’t want to edit that. What you want to do is to create a custom language file, so that any language changes you make aren’t affected by updates etc. Here’s how […]

Editing the Signup Page in aMember Pro Video

This video guide shows how to add an additional sidebar, and top area to the amember signup template. Running Time: 5:37

Using any Payment System with aMember

Here’s how to use any payment system with aMember. This technique places the payment system before amember, and you then give the member a "free" lifetime membership. This may allow you to use your payment systems up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell functions as well as optional continuity. Running Time: 20:37

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