Monday, June 1, 2020

Integrating Paypal with aMember 4.x

Here’s the video guide on how to set up PayPal standard to handle your payments for your aMember 4.x membership site.

Using the aMember v4 Join Venture (JV) Plugin


The aMember 4.x JV plugin allows you to share revenue with a product creator or content co-creator. This is a paid plugin sold at the aMember site, but premium members of Membership Academy enjoy a $10 discount. Running Time: 3:42

Displaying different header content in WordPress depending on the Wishlist Member level


This video shows you how to change the wordpress header content depending on the members Wishlist Member level. It’s a very cool way to make the site more appealing to your higher level members. Running Time: 4:53

Membership Site Models: Walled Garden & Magazine Model


Two popular styles for membership sites are the “Walled Garden” and the “Magazine Model”. Read up on what they are and how they are commonly used.

Creating an Upgrade Page for Wishlish Member


Here’s how to create an upgrade page for Wishlist member. The video explains how to display upgrade buy buttons only for members of a specific level. This is essential for moving your members up the ladder of membership. Running Time: 4:57

How to convert from hidepost to amprotect tags


Here’s how to change your WordPress/aMember site from being hidepost/rolemanager protected to using the amprotect plugin. Running Time: 8:58

WordPress and aMember Integration using the amProtect Plugin- Video and PDF Checklist


Here’s how to integrate aMember with WordPress using the Kencinnus amProtect Plugin. This plugin greatly simplifies integration and allows you a little more flexibility over the free plugin method. Included is a discount coupon for $30 off the amProtect Plugin :) Running Time: 25:40

Add Free and Premium Icons Next to WordPress Titles


Add some graphical imagery to your wordpress membership site. Here’s how to add free/premium/gold etc. icons next to your title area in wordpress so that browsers can clearly distinguish free and premium content. Running Time: 8:38

Wishlist WordPress Registration Page Customization


Here’s how to customize the registration page used in Wishlist WordPress. How to add a testimonial/Johnson box to the top Get rid of the sidebar area Place a table around the signup form Running Time: 9:47

Creating an Upgrade Link for aMember


Do you have a ladder of ascension in your membership site? Want to show content to Gold Members, but provide an upgrade link for a Free or Basic Member, and a regular signup link for non-members? Here’s how to do it in a regular php page and wordpress site, it’s as simple as copy and […]

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